Quilling - The Ancient Art of Paper Filigree
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Quilling - The Art Of Paper Filigree
Quilling Magic

Quilling, otherwise known as "Paper Filigree", is an ancient art that has seen a resurgence over the last decade or so. It is accomplished by rolling colored paper into a few basic shapes, then combining them to form beautiful and complex patterns, a sampling of which you can see in the header to this page. Claire Harris has captured the Magic of Quilling, and put it all together in this downloadable e-book. It is not only a beginner's Guide to the art, but includes hundreds of patterns and ideas!
Here's what one Canadian has to say about "Quilling Magic":
"When I opened the very first e-mail from you, I was absolutely thrilled to receive it. For months now, I waited to find the "book of my dreams" in relation to Quilling. Thank you so much!! Here in Canada, Quilling is virtually unheard of and I've found only one craft store in a 50 mile radius that carries the supplies. Forget about finding patterns!!
Now I need look no more.
Take Care and God Bless us all Camille Thomson"

Here is what you get when you purchase "Quilling Magic":

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Quilling Videos

Below are several You Tube Videos that will help you to see what Quilling is all about. Some of the musical score is quite good also.
This one's a little longer, but it's the one that best illustrates how quilling is done.
Quilling Basics & Quilled Christmas Decorations

Just click on the bookcover to order "Quilling Magic". It's an instant download, so you can begin quilling beautiful patterns and decorations today!
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